Trump Times Entry 133 – The Art of the Leak

The Art of the Leak

March 21, 2017

The FBI has been investigating the Trump crime family for collusion with the Russians since last July. They, of course, didn’t tell the voting public about their suspicions because it’s bad form to publicly comment on active investigations – unless you investigating a Democrat. Probably because they don’t fight back.

We know about the Trump-Russian affair because leaks forced congress to do their job.

The Intelligence community has the technical capability to listen in on pretty much anybody through common electronic devices, though the microwave oven is not one of the candidate devices.

We know about eBig Brother because of leaks. Though, I thought everyone assumed this already.

Michael Flynn, was forced to resign as national security adviser after reports exposed his lies about conversations with the Russian Ambassador. Oh, and he got $68K in payment from Russian companies, and worked for the Turkish government.
All from leaks.

Two factions are jockeying for position within the Donald’s White House: the New York moderates (Gary Cohn, Ivanka, Jared) and the Republican populists (Bannon). In this turf war, Bannon is killing it – probably due to his high-energy personality and winning smile.

We know about White House power struggles because of leaks. Though in this case, knowing the hyper-rich are losing to the bat-shit crazy is more depressing than informative.

We know aides have to keep Trump away from “bad” information because he gets cranky. From leaks.

Leaks everywhere.

So, of course, the House Intelligence Committee Republicans are focusing on leaks rather than on Russian interference in the election. Yeah, punishing those who expose crime is way more important than the actual crime – well, if the criminal is Republican. After all, leaks could compromise national security!

Yeah, fuck ‘em. Our boy and girls in Washington hide too much with that “National Security” cover. And frankly, since we already have Russian agents in the White House, national security seems a mote point.

The republic acknowledges that leaks are dangerous – the question is: to whom? Plus, over the last one-hundred-thirty-three days since Trump wikileaked his way into office, all news of value has been the result of leaks.  So, in context, leaks seem reasonable.

After all, the government holds the key to controlling leaks – stop lying to us. There wouldn’t be so many leaks if there wasn’t so much hidden.

In Peace and Justice,

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