Trump Times Entry 128 – Trolling for the Elderly

Trolling for the Elderly

March 16, 2017

So far, it’s been a tough week for the Donald. For starters, his second try at keeping suspicious members of a suspicious religion out of the good old USA was blocked by the courts quicker than a Sean Spicer pivot. Perhaps, the White House might glance through the Constitution before taking a third swing. There’s some stuff regarding religious freedom in there – just sayin’.

And to make matters worse, people keep talking about Russia, even after the Donald accused the previous president of committing a felony while in office. So unfair – and Vladimir had assured him blaming the black guy would work.

And then, there’s the whole Obamacare demolition debacle. More, unfair. The Donald had every right to think Paul Ryan could be butch enough to ram something, anything, through congress. Hell, the Donald didn’t care what. The important thing was to kill Obamacare – simple. But Ryan, ever the disappointment, lost control and, now, people are asking questions. The Donald finds Paul’s performance embarrassing. (Will Paul be told to leave the boardroom? Stay tuned.)

But clearly, Trump’s reclassification from “World’s Biggest Internet Troll” to “World’s Biggest Failed Internet Troll” was the week’s most disappointing event. Then again, what did he expected when he started to walk back perfectly reasonable wild statements? That’s not how trolling works. When your rude/bigoted /asinine statement is met with resistance or, even, with facts – always repeat it, but louder. And work personal attack into the repetition whenever possible.

Never walk back anything is the troll’s way. Not even the Donald can change that. Repeat the message and attack until the conversation is either hopelessly entangled in name-calling or otherwise exhausted, then disappear. The Donald once skillfully played that paradigm; now he has “people” who translate “presidential wiretap” into “administrative surveillance” – sounds kind of cuck, ya know?

Well, perhaps the upcoming budget will present a new opportunity for the Donald to feature his trolling chops. Let’s see: increasing the military budget by over 50 billion while slashing Meals on Wheels and other social welfare programs, bleeding the EPA, and down-sizing the State Department seems sufficiently draconian. But, when the libtards and paid protesters start to whine, what will Trump do?

Will the Donald hold true to his art form? Will he scream his message louder and louder – attacking anyone who disagrees? Will he staunchly ignore logic (and arithmetic) and keep yelling until the conversation sputters to an angry end? Will he then, like any self-respecting troll, disappear? (Yeah, I know, hope springs eternal.)

More likely, he’ll perform the standard yelling and attacking, but will eventually get butt hurt by all those rude media people ganging up on him and his giant army. Poor whiney troll Donald – sad.

The republic respects performance art in all its forms and derivations. But, performing as a troll precludes whining. There’s no crying in baseball and there’s no whining in trolling.

In Peace in Justice

PS –
I can’t believe in the one-hundred-twenty-eight days since we elected the whiny troll, this is the first time I called him butt hurt. I apologize for the oversight.


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