Trump Times Entry 125 – Listen Up

Listen Up

March 13, 2017

If we listen carefully, we can hear them calling us stupid. For instance, Kellyanne Conway just told us Obama could have tapped the Donald because of microwaves that turn into cameras. That declaration’s one redeeming value is that it can be used on SNL – without editing or exaggeration. She’s either on the SNL payroll of she assumes the listeners are stupid.

Or how about that Republican Rep. from Iowa, Steve King, who, as a self-declared expert on civilization, tells us, “We cannot restore our culture with somebody else’s babies.” Yeah, it’s better than Kellyanne’s ranting, but still assumes the listener is dumb enough to accept some need for cultural restoration (to what?) and implies the unworthiness of other people’s babies. (WTF?)  He’s counting on listeners too slow or distracted to untangle the ugliness implied by those nine words.

We have Trump adviser Roger Stone explaining that his conversations with Russian hacker, “Guccifer 2.0”, during the campaign were “innocuous” – you know, just guys hanging out on Twitter, sharing feelings. Right, we should ignore records of those conversations where he bragged about leaked information, before it was leaked. We are assumed too stupid to know how Twitter works.

Everyone’s doing it:
Paul Ryan claims he give a shit about your healthcare – uh huh.
Donald Trump Jr. insists he’s had virtually “zero contact” with his father – sure.
Jeff Sessions dismissing U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was just transitional change – right.
Press Secretary Sean Spicer says anything – oh please, everyone knows this guy speaks only bullshit.

Since they won the election one-hundred-twenty-five days ago, by assuming people were stupid, it stands to reason that they will attempt to govern with the same assumption. So, the republic can expect moronic justification for unprecedented acts of foolishness until Trump finally self-annihilates in some act of crass stupidity.

Until then, be smart – they’ll never recognize it.

In Peace and Justice,

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