Trump Times Entry 124 – Begging the Obvious

Begging the Obvious

March 12, 2017

Oh please! Are we really debating the “merits” of Paul Ryan’s health care plan? Come on! The purpose of the bill it to kill Obamacare. That’s it. Any policy offered in the legislation is there to provide cover while slaying the evil social program.

For years now, our conservative captors have made it very clear they don’t think government should be involved in healthcare – it’s a private matter, meant to be handled privately. They already hate existing programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. So, why would we expect them to earnestly build another big national social welfare system? They don’t believe in social welfare systems.

Face it, they don’t buy any of that libtard stuff like welfare, climate change and women’s suffrage – stuff that keeps America from greatness. What they do believe in, is a time, not so long ago, when a guy who couldn’t afford to see a doctor would just quietly die. You know, back when we had individual freedom.

The Republicans have repeatedly tried to kill the ACA for nearly eight years, this time they’re going to do it. After the initial attack, any surviving policy will wither from lack of funding. Obamacare gone is the only objective.

Sure, Republicans admit to problems with our healthcare system, but insist it’s not the government’s responsibility. The government exists for the greater good, like subsidizing oil exploration and executive golf junkets.

The republic would appreciate leadership clearly stating intention. If you plan to end a program – say so. Own it, you cowards.

In Peace and Justice,

PS –
As the Inevitable Trump Termination Event draws closer, we find that chemical poisoning from deregulated hair-growth products making a remarkable uptick.

Can you believe it’s only been one-hundred-twenty-four days since the election? Only about four months – feels like ages, doesn’t it?

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