Trump Times Entry 123 – Temporary Pre-Existing Condition

Temporary Pre-Existing Condition

March 11, 2017

Too late – can’t take preventative measures after the fact. And the fact is we have a bad case of the Donald. Been symptomatic for a while – at least since the election one-hundred-twenty-three days ago. Racial dissonance, competitive narcissism and outright delusion have manifest as early symptoms, but who knows what’s to come as the infection runs its course? It’s here, now, and no one gets to go back in time.

Except for Trump’s buddy Mike Flynn, that is.

You see, Mike had a serious pre-existing condition called violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act. Yeah, Mike was working really hard for a foreign government while simultaneously working just as hard for the Trump campaign, transition team and White House. Two jobs for all that time, Mike’s quite the worker.

He was working so hard he didn’t have time to register as a foreign agent like federal law requires. So, technically, Mike was an illegal agent of a foreign government during the time he worked for the Donald. Embarrassing, but what’s a guy to do?

Well, register as a foreign agent retroactively, of course. And that’s that he did, this week. He registered with the Justice Department for lobbying work linked to Turkey during the Trump campaign. No shit. He got to go back in time and fix the condition.

How the fuck does that work?

I don’t recall the government typically allowing such liberal interpretation of the timeline. Don’t you usually need federal persimmon before using that permission? Could I, like, just skip the federal overreach requiring a pilot’s License and just start flying a plane? You know, I could always get a license retroactively if needed.

Crazy shit like this get overlooked every day because we are overwhelmed by all the other, worse, symptoms. It’s hard to focus on the flunky getting a pass when the boss is screaming at everyone, taking Russian favors and cavorting with Nazis.

The republic demands equal access to the Republican time trick. We would like to move a few votes around, last November.

In Peace and Justice,

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