Trump Times Entry 122 – Friday Rant

Friday Rant

March 10, 2017


Minister of Greed Paul Ryan has introduced an Obamacare replacement. It covers fewer people, but at a higher cost to the old and poor. Paul would like to get it approved in a couple weeks, so he can go on spring break. He insists this is the ONLY chance we will ever have to fix the system.

Paul is a lying piece of crap.

Trump’s campaign and White House staff seem to have more Russian performers than the Bolshoi Ballet‎. But, our soulless congress is not interested. One the other hand, they are interested in finding out who may have leaked that information. But then, what should we expect when the two investigative committees are chaired by Trump campaign staff – by two traitorous hunks of excrement.

The media continue to treat Trump tweets as if they hold some value. Perhaps we need different, more social media savvy, journalists to take over – people who can detect and starve trolls.

Our media, acting like internet newbies, have willingly become distribution channels for Trump shit-posts.

(I, obviously, need to change my repetitive metaphor – one more try.)

The Donald feels Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan is too generous. And he continues to insist all the Russian stuff is fake news, but Obama should be investigated for wire-tapping. And he just authorized the use of Russian steel for the “buy American only” Keystone Pipeline project. No shit!

(Well, that worked about as well as a Republican social welfare program.)

Fuck it, after one-hundred-twenty-two days, the republic needs a break from this ugly shit-storm – something cute. How about Robin Williams having his nose nibbled by a baby pig.)

In Peace and Justice,

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