Trump Times Entry 121 – Can’t Take All This Winning

Can’t Take All This Winning

March 9, 2017

That must be it. The vertigo is just a side effect of one-hundred-twenty-one days of winning. Yup, starting on election day it’s been win after win – just can’t handle it. The dizzy confusion is likely the result of lack of imagination as to how winning might look.

Who would have guessed Russia would be so intimately involved in a Republican win?

Little did we know; winning healthcare was as easy as insuring fewer people  with more expensive policies.

Apparently, only the Donald saw slashing the State Department by a third while increasing the military by half as the world peace win.

No one could have known “buy American” really meant “buy Russian” if we wanted to win pipeline construction deals.

And how about that environmental win? We won’t be hearing any depressing pollution stuff (a win in itself) now that the EPA has been streamlined by the Trump truth team.

The list goes on and on. All that winning with a Trump Twitter feed as background music – no wonder we feel dazed, good times.

The republic admits the Donald was right when he said we would grow tired of all the winning. Please stop.

In Peace and Justice,

Since the MI6 agent who wrote the damaging (and sexually perverse) Trump dossier has surfaced – alive, the odds makers have adjusted the inevitable Trump Termination Event odds to favor high velocity projectile over clogged aorta by three points. Please contact your bookie for more detail and place your bets.

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