Trump Times Entry 115 – Commander in Cosplay

Commander in Cosplay

March 3, 2017trump-uniform

Yeah, I know, there are Trump sideshows everywhere. The cabinet’s been bleeding white guys, with a rich mix of resignations, withdrawals and embarrassments. Russian influence in the Trump inner circle has become so obvious even Republicans are starting to notice. The Donald’s immigration enforcement policy is catching dangerous students, infants and professors and sending them back to where they came from – or Mexico, whatever’s easier. The war on the environment is proceeding with all due haste. Town halls are erupting, while our elected representatives are hiding. Yup, busy, busy, busy.

So, with so much going on, why bother with the Donald’s dress up habits? If he wants to put on a flight jacket and an admiral’s cap and address the troops, why not? After all, he is commander in chief.

Well yes, he is, and the commander in chief is a civilian – for good reason. Also, he never served – Trump received five deferments from the Vietnam war. Seems to me he had a chance to wear the uniform, but chose to decline. Fine, live with your decision – asshole.

Admittedly, past presidents have worn military gear, Obama with the bomber jacket and Bush in his cute flight suit. But, come on, either of those two guys could have easily fit into a jet (Bush actually did). There is no way in hell Trump could jam his fat ass into a jet cockpit – and it’s inappropriate to even suggest the public picture something like that.

Frankly, I don’t like it whenever any president dons military garb. I see civilian control symbolism as way more important than a politician’s marketing rights. On the other hand, if Trump wants to dress up in something other than a military costume, I have no objection. I could see the Donald pulling off a credible Jabba the Hutt. Though, frankly, I’ve always thought of him as more of a furry cosplay type.

The republic requires a civilian commander in chief. Play soldiers are not helpful in a real world.

In Peace and Justice.

PS –
After one-hundred-fifteen days of post-election self-suppression, our representatives have gone from quiet to aggressively quiet. For instance, one of my senators, Ron Johnson, recently sent a cease and desist letter to a constituent ordering him to refrain from calling or visiting the senator’s office. Yup, Ron has moved from being quiet, to insisting on quiet. I wonder what that’s about.

Oh, and on Thursday Wisconsin’s own Paul Ryan, who claims no time to hold town hall meetings, was greeted by a crowd in Rhode Island chanting “Coward!” It’s good to see Paul getting the national recognition he deserves.


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