Trump Times Entry 113 – Unite? Right!

Unite? Right!

March 1, 2017inthought2

Just when I thought my opinion of the Donald couldn’t get any lower, he steps up his game and uses a grieving widow as a stage prop. Just when I’d begun to think the press was finally growing a set, they prove certain organs can’t be regrown. To put it poetically:

Classy Address
Trump served a cup of bullshit
With a shot of shame
Press tossed in disappointment
Grateful for the tame

Speaking of poetic, how about CNN’s Van Jones saying, “He became president of the United States in that moment – period” as his reaction to Trump leveraging a military widow for her sympathy value?

Really? To me it looked more like just another step towards the Donald’s on stage transformation into an actual asshole – if I watch closely, I think I can see him starting to pucker. Not a pretty image, but Van Jones has his disgusting metaphors and I have mine.

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised with the softball reaction the press had right after the address – they were probably expecting to be publicly beaten. So, much like an abused spouse, they were grateful for the break and were, likely, caught off guard when he (pretty much) stayed on script. Not to mention, blindsided when he actually asked for unity.

Unity – after two years of viciously attacking everyone who disagreed with him? Unity – while he marginalizes Muslims, guest workers and citizens Jeff Sessions doesn’t like? Unity, with a Nazi tolerant, Russian owned sexual predator? Fuck off!

As expected, the fact checkers are going crazy this morning – mostly because the address contained so few. I was hoping for real-time fact checking, on screen, during the speech, but for some reason our media elected to not provide that feature this time. Could it be that beating up the press works?

The republic needs journalists who aggressively fact check whenever the Donald speaks. The republic doesn’t need journalists waxing poetic, we have Juan Felipe Herrera for that.

In Peace and Justice

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