Trump Times Entry 111 – Then Again, We Have the Democrats

Then Again, We Have the Democrats

February 27, 20176262125702_a086dd49f1_n

So, one-hundred-eleven days ago, the Democrats had their collective asses handed to them by a carnival barker named Trump. Choosing the safe, centrist, corporate candidate over the risky, leftist, populist guy played out, not so much as cowardice, but as suicide. The election left the country victim to hostile takeover and the Democratic party damn near dead. Apparently, they can’t even get suicide right.

But, not for lack of trying.

Right after the election, the party establishment tried to talk us to death. Not Hillary, she played by the rules, graciously accepted the loss and walked off into the wilderness. But the DNC, like a nightmare date, kept talking, and talking, and talking about shit we no longer cared about. (I suspect they have control issues.) But, no one was listening – we were busy freaking out over the orange fascist.

Well, we may have lifted the suicide watch too soon. Just this last weekend they tried again by electing the Obama (code for Clinton, code for establishment) guy, Tom Perez, as chairman. They passed over Keith Ellison, once again stabbing themselves in the Sanders political arm. And, in what can only be characterized as twisting the knife, they then decided to continue taking corporate money.

Yeah, Perez did appoint Ellison deputy-chair, but I suspect Sanders people are growing weary of being runner-up to a loser – I am. Hence, the bleeding continues.

Regardless of ideology, the republic prefers commitment to middling. Republican-lite is not a commitment, it’s not even centrist – it’s surrender.

In Peace and Justice,

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