Trump Times Entry 109 – Russian Roulette for Dummies

Russian Roulette for Dummies

February 25, 2017inthought2

Sure, Trump’s minority victory way back one-hundred-nine days ago, changed the game, but we expected him to go with something American. Maybe entitlement dodgeball, where his team gets all the balls and the rest of us get to dodge. Or perhaps Political Hot Potato, though I suppose with so many scandals it would be tough identifying which is the real hot potato when the music stopped.

My money was on Trump style Monopoly – you know where he gets to own the utilities, railroads and all the property except Baltic Avenue. Something reality based.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect him to load a chamber, spin the cylinder and hand a weapon to his supporters. But, when they began pointing the gun at the institutions keeping them alive and squeezing the trigger, I realized the game had, indeed, changed.

Kill the EPA? Who doesn’t want clean air and water? Off the Department of Labor? Sure, decent wages are so last millennium. Slay the department of Education? Who the fuck is against education?

I’ll tell you who – dummies. And the Trump dummies are playing Russian Roulette with those very agencies. Spinning and shooting – sometimes the chamber is loaded (Scott Pruitt – EPA) sometimes not (H.R. McMaster – National Security) and sometime the camber contains a dud (Rick Perry – Energy).

I wonder, do they know how this game works? Every time the hammer falls on loaded chamber they cheer. Maybe they don’t feel the need clean air and water because they already have it. I wonder how they’ll react when they lose it.  Perhaps education isn’t important to them because they just want jobs. Maybe I’m overthinking this and they’re just dummies.

The republic needs watchdog agencies to protect us from the dummies.

In Peace and Justice,


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