Trump Times Entry 108 – Deconstructive Criticism

Deconstructive Criticism

February 24, 2017meashomer2

True, when Steve Wormtongue Bannon spoke at the CPAC yesterday, birds didn’t lifelessly fall from the sky; nor did a plague of locusts beset our fair land – unless you count the current plague of Republicans. No, Wormtongue didn’t quote the book of Revelation – he’s a book of Trump guy. He should be, he wrote it.

Now, Trump’s senior adviser doesn’t often speak publicly. I always figured he didn’t want to risk inadvertently triggering some apocalyptic event and confirming the rumor that he was a messenger from hell. But, he spoke and nothing more evil than CPAC itself occurred that day – so, maybe it’s okay if he speaks. We’ll see.

Like any master liar, Wormtongue mixes a little truth in with his bullshit to keep it fresh. And while sanity testing all his “outside-the-box” ideas, not to mention his vague indirect references and jargon, is overwhelming, we occasionally stumble upon some small truth.

Like yesterday when he said the administration’s goal was total deconstruction of the administrative state, it rang true. Very unusual – truth from a Trump spokesman, but there it is. The nonsensical cabinet and agency picks make sense if the mission is to dismantle the agencies and departments. Yeah, wrecking crews.

To be sure, most of us guessed this a while back, but it’s nice to have direct administrative conformation.

True to form, Wormtongue’s stating “the administration was going to dismantle the administrative” was meant to make us dizzy, to obfuscate meaning, to make it sound like bureaucracy cutting. But that’s nonsense.  These assholes don’t give a crap about the number of administrative structures in the government or the size of those structures – they care about who the structures serve.

But he, essentially, spoke truth. Wow!

Then seemingly as a bonus, Wormtongue reveled another, more profound, truth when he went on to say, “Every day there is going to be a fight.” Yup, he got that right – there’s going to be a fight.

It’s been one-hundred-eight days since inviting them in, and the republic finds itself in a state of undeclared war with a foe that features Wormtongue as the most honest of the bunch.

In Peace and Justice,

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