Trump Times Entry 105 – Indifferent Identity Politics

Indifferent Identity Politics

February 21, 2017mefront2

Astonishingly, as America worries through her one-hundred-fifth day of occupation, the Trump populist continues to present as the victim. And while post victory martyrdom can be tricky, they seem to have it covered

Their grievances are many and include such atrocities as: they are forced to listen to anti-Trump whining, they feel hated just because some of them are Nazis, they won so they should get their way and, a favorite of mine, enough with the identity politics.

Now, when Trump supporters argue identity politics, I don’t think they’re talking about the academic generalized case. Since, all voters can be identified in some way – white, female, practicing Arkleseizure followers, whatever – identity politics potentially includes everyone. But Trump followers aren’t really all that into inclusion.

No, they’re talking about minorities who have recently politically identified. What I hear is a begrudging willingness to tolerate some (backs, Hispanics, well behaved gays), but not others like Muslims, trans-sexual and those who make them uncomfortable in the public restroom.

First off, I need to object to the word tolerate. When I go camping I tolerate, mosquitoes as part of the experience. My tolerance comes from a position of power, I could kill them and sometimes do. No person is entitled to simply tolerate another. It’s an inappropriate exercise of power.

Second, identity politics (as they define them) would not exist if there were no need. The discrimination against Muslims, much like against the Jews not that long ago, clearly identifies a need for political power. Perhaps the real concern is, again, power.

Finally, here we go again with Americans insisting bathroom customs trump all other considerations. (pun intended) Good fucking grief! In a country where sex is used to sell everything from cheeseburgers to cars, in a land where the media is flowing with ads for feminine hygiene products, adult diapers and instant erection pills, where the president has a taste for the unusual in the bedroom – we sure are squeamish about the potty place. I have no idea what this is about.

The republic feels the government should stay out of the restrooms, except to clean them.

In Peace and Justice

2 thoughts on “Trump Times Entry 105 – Indifferent Identity Politics

    • First, thanks for taking the time to respond.

      After rereading my post (again) I see that my close could be interpreted as contradictory to the words that lead there. The flaw in clarity is mine. (proofreader wanted: no pay, bad hours, cranky boss)

      Perhaps, you’d allow me another try:

      While the republic appreciates the government keeping the restrooms clean, it would applaud similar effort in keeping them free – for everyone.

      (Swing and a miss? Thought I, at least, got a piece of it. Foul-tip into the right field stands.)

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