Trump Times Entry 103 – Fake Idol Worship

Fake Idol Worship

February 19, 2017try3

Yesterday, the Donald took us back to a happier time when he treated a crowd of 9000 to a nostalgic pre-election classic Trump rally. The attendance, of course, was historic – nearly double the size of the last Ted Nugent concert. And the internet speculates he only had to pay about half the crowd to show up.

Payed supporters? Really? Isn’t that the kind of thing Republicans accuse the Dems of doing?

Well yes, it is. But, Republicans get to do anything they charge the Democrats with. It’s only fair!

Yeah, I know, it’s probably impossible to prove whether any specific attendee is a real Trump believer or just there for the fast cash and cheap meth. But, in at least one case, circumstances suggest a fake supporter or, at least, a staged audience plant.

I don’t know much about political theater, but I’ve seen enough Arnold Schwarzenegger movies to know bad acting when I see it. And that guy, Gene Huber, who threw himself into Donald’s waiting arms qualifies. Though, maybe I shouldn’t blame the actor – the writing was the usual Trump campaign crap.

Let’s see, Trump sees Huber on TV, then spots him in the massive crowd – their eyes lock, they share a smile and engage in some special way. Then later, after Trump’s golden-oldies set, the Donald spontaneously invites Gene onstage, who is conveniently positioned for quick stage access – security gets him through remarkably fast. (Uh huh, an unvetted “stranger” stands alone with the president, within easy striking distance – we’re supposed to believe this shit.)

Mr. Huber then flawlessly delivers a few talking points – with just a touch humility. A few minutes later he nails a similar performance in an NBC interview. Gee, perhaps I was too harsh when I called him a bad actor. Or, perhaps I’m full of shit and he really believes what he says. Though, ultimately, it doesn’t matter.

Huber’s motivation, like any Trump lackey motivation, leads to the same place – Donald worship. Though, fake adoration for the fake idol seems appropriately poetic.

The republic has endured one-hundred three days of poorly acted and scripted Trump drama. We deserve better. If the Donald expects us to suspend disbelief of reality itself, we require better story delivery.

Then again, this may be as good as it gets. Sigh!

(Meanwhile, Republicans in congress have approved Bernie Madoff as Secretary of Treasury. Just kidding, Madoff doesn’t want the job.)

In Peace and Justice,

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