Trump Times Entry 102 – Because They Can

Because They Can

February 18, 2017developers-will-resist

It’s only been one-hundred two days since we suffered our last election, but the Donald’s back on the campaign trail. Yup, the Trump campaign organization is holding a rally in Florida this weekend and to quote the leader of the free world, “Big crowd expected!” I’m certain that a big crowd will be there, regardless of crowd size. Ya know?

Since there’s no election anytime soon and the Donald lacks an opponent to lie about, the purpose for rally is a tad unclear. Hence, the media is analyzing it to death. Conjecture includes notions as pallid as “He’s had a bad week. So, he’s cobbling together signs of support” to the more colorful “He’s bored with Washington and is addicted to cheering crowds”.

I think the reasoning is much simpler: He’s holding rallies because he can. Sure, they feel good and messing with the press is great sport, but those are benefits not reasons. The Donald simply feels like having a rally and that’s reason enough. Party on…

Frankly, the “Because They can” rationale is gaining popularity with our rulers. Just last week, congress repealed a law that prevented people with severe mental illness from obtaining guns. They claimed the law was discriminatory. (Yeah, no shit – it was supposed to be.)

There’s no identifiable reason for this congressional action. After the epidemic of gun violence, after telling us mental health (not guns) is the culprit, knowing full well this will lead to more violence they made it easier for severely mentally ill people to arm up. The repeal doesn’t even make sense in terms of corporate profit. How large can the severely mentally ill gun buyer market share be?

No, just like the dumpy kid on the playground who spent his time pulling wings off butterflies, they did it because they could. No other reason required, if they piss off libtards – so much the better.

The “Because they Can” principle, of course, can be used to not do stuff as well. For instance, traditionally during the upcoming congressional recess, our representatives spend a little time listening to voters – town hall meeting and such. Way back in 2015 they held 222 meetings. But, this time around, when the voters have some pointed questions, they’ve only scheduled 88. And 35 of those meetings are with a single guy, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner.

So, why do our representatives refuse to see us when we have something to say? Well, because they can. They think the gerrymandering guaranties reelection; so, why bother?

The republic insists that our elected employees listen to us. If they can’t schedule a public venue, we’ll be pleased to show up at their homes.

In Peace and Justice,


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