Trump Times Entry 99 – Infantile Dysfunction

Infantile Dysfunction

February 15, 2017trump-putin-1

Ever since electing to have unprotected discourse with the Donald we’ve been at risk. And now, after ninety-nine days of continuous exposure, symptoms are presenting. Our body politic appears inflamed, but our national vision’s been too blurry to get a clear picture. Additionally, our attention spans have shriveled too small to entertain complete ideas – which makes treatment difficult.

Plus, to top it off, the mechanisms we count on as our political autoimmune response have been lethargic at best. The “anti-bodies” in congress choose to ignore Trump in favor of spending their time eradicating anything not like them. (I think there’s a name for cells that stop doing their job and, instead, attack other cells. Just saying.)

To make a bad situation worse, the Donald now seems disinterested in conversation about anything other than his appearance. Lately, he’s been unimaginative, cranky and snappish – he seems only to want to spend time with his new Russian friends and play golf. It’s almost as if he got want he wanted from us and now has moved on to whoever is next. But, how could that be? Is this what great again feels like?

The republic needs to take the first step to recovery by dumping the dysfunctional infant before he gives us something that can’t be treated – something Russian.

In Peace and Justice,


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