Trump Times Entry 97 – Just Another Day in Paradise

Just Another Day in Paradise

February 13, 2017paul-ryanhorns2

It’s been ninety-seven days since we voted to reverse the path of time and follow the Donald back to an America that never existed. So, while our destination is undefined, our journey promises to be as fragmented and troubling as the Donald’s imagination. Each day holds the potential to deliver the deregulated psychotic experience Trump supporters have grown to expect. In terms of crazy, the Trump bar is high.

That’s why yesterday was so disappointing. Trump said nothing remarkably alarming. Sure, on Twitter, he bashed Mark Cuban, belched more refugee lies and bitched about CNN, but that kind of thing isn’t all that interesting anymore. After botching international diplomacy on Twitter, falling back to personal attack is anticlimactic. Yawn.

We need the Donald to step it up and prove to the skeptics, like Paul Ryan, that he is, indeed, as insane as he seems. It won’t be easy, Paul is distracted with class warfare and soul-removal Pilates. But, if we’re ever going to legally move on to President Pence, we need to get Paul involved. And Trump going low energy doesn’t help.

Then again, there may be alternative routes to a Pence administration. Perhaps, seventy years of stress, high cholesterol and no exercise will team up with Trump’s overweight fuselage and yield the natural result. (Yeah, ever the optimist. But, we know he doesn’t use an actual doctor – so we have that.)

Back last summer, the Donald, himself, suggested Second Amendment remedies. But, creating an alt-martyr for the Republicans probably wouldn’t be helpful. They already have Reagan as god. If they got Trump as the martyr, they would only be one holy-spirit away from becoming a nation religion disguised as a political party.

So, apparently, the only sane way forward is to entertain the crazy.

The republic enjoys kooky, but a Donald break would be paradise.

In Peace and Justice,

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