Trump Times Entry 96 – Lie Panels

Lie Panels

February 12, 20177ff71655db06b517f24b7c9be46d27e5

Like a pale ray of February sunshine after ninety- six days of post-election gloom, a fun way to piss off Republicans has come to light. Funny thing is, it’s not new – just hidden in plain sight. I’m referring, of course, to yelling out “Liar” at our elected whenever they lie. Publicly, on camera, they hate the word – likely because it applies.

(Too sing-songy? Sorry.)

Over this last week, we saw several Republican congressmen get publicly called on their bullshit at, those typically sycophantic, town hall meetings. Looked like fun.  When a Florida congressman started down the old “death panel” lie, the crowd responded by chanting, “Liar, liar!” Nice.

I think the next time Paul Ryan shows up back here in Wisconsin, we should greet him with similar respect and decorum. Though, I suspect chanting “liar” won’t be specific enough, but “soulless golem” is disrespectful to golems. Actually, with Paul it won’t matter what we chant because he doesn’t listen. But, it’s important to chant something, anything, to shut him up. Hopefully to embarrass him.

If it seems that I’m advocating intentional belligerence, without even trying to address disputed issues – well, I am. In the, facts don’t mater, Trump era there’s no point. Why go back and, once again, prove there are no death panels (other than the insurance companies)? Biting on that issue allows them to control the conversation. Fuck it, just call the liars, liars – loudly and frequently.

Let’s take a page from the Republican propaganda book. If something is said often enough and loud enough, eventually people will begin to repeat it. The trick is to keep the message simple – like “Make America Great Again”. I think the “Republicans are liars” is simple enough to catch on.

The republic enjoys a good story, but loves a good slogan.

In Peace and Justice,

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