Trump Times Entry 95 – Enforcement Surge

Enforcement Surge

February 11, 2017meashomer2

It’s been ninety-five days since, though an accounting trick, the Donald won authority to apply the law, as he sees fit. And now as a bonus, for his early adopters, he’s graciously offered to write the law as well. That’s right, one stop shopping for all your law needs – creation and enforcement all wrapped up in a, price to be determined later, package.

Why spend dollars on loser legislators and activist judges when, instead, name brand Trump executive orders are available for immediate delivery. Got an issue, real or imagined, the Donald’s got an executive order, memorandum or declaration that’s right for you.

Hey, you got social concerns? The Donald has antisocial solutions. Need to rebrand? Look to the social media magic that reinvented a neo-Nazi wife abuser into an alt-right White House advisor – without any need for messy vetting or disclosure. Choosing which laws to enforce and which to ignore can work for you too!

While it’s easy to get distracted with the Donald’s more creative services like executive legislation, propaganda or fictional nonfiction, we shouldn’t overlook the executive branch’s core business: enforcement. And the Donald’s an enforcing fool!

By definition a winner, team Trump rolled out their enforcement product line with the flagship Enforcement Surge product this week. The target audience was, literally, taken by storm when ICE agents began surging the enforcement of laws nearly as arbitrary and out-of-touch as Trump himself.

When questioned about whether the Surge (Why do these guys like that word so much?) might be discriminatory, Trump spokesmen replied, “We are the least discriminating people you know, we’ll take anyone’s money” then proceeded to complain about the negative questions and the unattractive CNN reporters.

FOX News responded by defending their right to ask stupid questions in a story headlined: White House Suggests Ugly Truth About CNN.

The republic is in favor of an enforcement surge, but feels the focus should be on those most likely to do damage. Non-voting, minimum wage earners hold no power and, hence, can inflect little damage. Conversely, top political office holders are in the position to hurt millions, so should go first. Let’s start the Enforcement Surge in our executive branch.

In Peace and Justice,


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