Trump Times Entry 93 – Oh, that America again? Great!

Oh, that America again? Great!

February 9, 2017trump-putin-1

We’re almost there. Yeah, it’s only been ninety-three days since crossing the Donald event horizon, but, as predicted, events are rapidly decaying into chaos. Apparently, time, forward leaning by nature, resists reversal. So, as the Donald drags us back to a past more Donald-friendly, the timeline itself (reality, as it were) fractures into chaos.

As proof of this conjecture, I offer any recent Kellyanne Conway interview, White House press briefing or (how is this relevant?) Trump tweet thread. Clearly, actuality has lost any useful meaning. In the above, the we hear brazen self-contradictory lies, circular reasoning and subject jumping all aggressively offered as acceptable adult communication.

I don’t recall talking like playground bullies as normal before the Trump anomaly. Yeah, it happened, but wasn’t a pervasive everyday construct and, certainly, wasn’t honored as a reasonable discussion tactic. But post-Trump, honor has no meaning and, besides, we’re no longer allowed call a bully a bully because that would make us bullies. We must nearly be there.

When Trump promised to take us back to greatness, I thought he was using metaphor (or euphenism) to drive home a nuanced vision. Silly me! Should have known that a man who speaks primarily in euphenism, but can’t spell the word, likely, had neither nuance nor vision, but meant to literally (the literal meaning) take us back in time. But when? How far? Are we there yet?

Perhaps, the successful installation of Jeff Sessions as grand inquisitor provides us with some guidance regarding these questions. Let’s see, back in eighties, congress denied Sessions a federal judge post because of his public racist views. So, back at least like thirty years. Very ambitious and could be tough on the timeline – caution may be indicated.

Ha! Thirty years is nothing to the Donald. With a wave of a tiny hand, he’s managed to wind us back to the America way before that pesky event, back to when a racist attorney general was just fine. A bigly, Trump worthy, jerk back – sixty years, maybe more.

I wonder if there’ll be any side effects. (Perhaps, the inevitable Trump Termination Event – we’ve got to be getting close.)

The republic moves forward along the same timeline as all other living things – the mark of time indelible, regardless of color, creed or executive order.

In Peace and Justice,

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