Trump Times Entry 91 – The Hand That Robs the Cradle

The Hand That Robs the Cradle

February 7, 2017kekkyann03

I don’t recall, in the ninety-one days since Trump stripped the election from a woman, a day featuring women like today. Sure, the Woman’s March back in January had nearly two million, but that was different. The Donald knows those sore-losers were paid to protest by George Soros– so, they don’t count. No, the two women in the spotlight today are not paid by Soros. Hell, they work with Trump, so may not get paid at all, which is further proof of their commitment to women everywhere (as defined by Trump).

Let’s start with Betsy DeVos, a billionaire, who doesn’t need money from Trump or the U.S. Treasury. Though, I’m pretty sure she’s gonna start getting sweet tax dollars soon, when she becomes education secretary. Betsy is living proof the glass ceiling is a liberal myth. Contrary to common belief, she didn’t need to work twice as hard as her male competitors. She didn’t need to compete at all. Didn’t need to spend a lifetime preparing for the top education job in the country. No, this is capitalism, so she just bought the job.

As a historical indicator of third wave feminism, Betsy DeVos marks the moment women accomplished hubris and pretension equal to, if not exceeding, any male. Betsy’s baseless presumptions regarding education theory assure her a place alongside George Bush’s “Weapons of mass destruction” gambit in the annals of arrogance.

You go Betsy!

And of course, no accounting of franchise Trump women would be complete without Kellyanne Conway. This week Kellyanne accomplished the impossible. She pushed the limits of bullshit to the point where CNN will no longer speak with her. Yup, after her fictional “Bowling Green massacre” yarn the media “have some concerns about Conway’s credibility”.

Wow! After listening to Kellyanne lie like a female George Costanza for nearly a year CNN has had enough! Unfortunately, other news outlets are still willing to withstand her barely lucid narrative. So, for now, she will continue. But, Kellyanne has demonstrated both the skill and desire to go all the way. I look forward the day when she is banned from all media, to the day a woman becomes the most recognized liar on the planet. Watch out Goebbels, Cheney and Nixon – your patriarchy is at risk, from a highly-qualified woman.

The republic has a, reasonable, expectation of competent liars – regardless of gender.
But, reasonably expects greatness from women – regardless.

In Peace and Justice,

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