Trump Times Entry 90 – National Insecurity

National Insecurity

February 6, 20177ff71655db06b517f24b7c9be46d27e5

A four-year sentence for elective negligence seems a bit harsh, but here we are ninety days in. Yeah, I know It’s ninety days since the election, not the inauguration. But given the cruel and inhumane circumstances, I’m petitioning those first seventy-two days as time severed. Let’s face it, before inauguration, he may not have been technically in charge, but Donald based reality slammed into us anyway.  Reality became Trump’s on election day – the clock started ticking then.

Tick, tock.

Given the Donald’s creative potential, it was a little disappointing when he went with the classic, National Security, argument in favor of his latest anti-Muslim crusade. Certainly, stoking insecurity by crossdressing as National Security is historically popular, but it’s so old school. We’ve had the National Security excuse used so often from so many sources that, frankly, we don’t even hear it anymore. Boring…

We may be a captive audience, but we have every right to expect fresher more outrageous drama from a Trump administration. They need to hire some decent writers or, at least, plagiarize something interesting. Ratings are crashing and sponsors fleeing. (Well, except for big oil of course.) It’s time for our Liar and Chief to lay a new juicy line of bullshit on us.

If he wants to stick with that whole alien framework, fine. But if we’re going to ignore reality – then let’s ignore reality. The Trump public may well be ready to believe Illegal aliens swarming here in, let’s see, saucer shaped ships. The aliens, for sure, wouldn’t be Christian (or an acceptable flavor of Christian). So, we would have built in divisive issues – not to mention the whole looking different thing.  (And the accent – why don’t they just speak English?)

Yup, the republic could use some better story tellers with more interesting visions and colorful points of view. Cause, right now, the narrative has gone dark, sad and featureless – just like the Donald.

In Peace and Justice,

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