Trump Times Entry 89 – Impersonal Attack

Impersonal Attack

February 5, 2017developers-will-resist

Have you noticed, the Donald spends lots of time lashing out? In the eighty-nine days since our Russian themed election, he’s lashed at judges, attorneys general, reporters, women and, even, children.

For a guy famous for his name-calling while lashing-out chops, he wields an unimaginative assortment of words like terrorist, traitor, dopey, bloody and diaper wearing with the precision and grace of a bulldozer. But, I suppose, being plainspoken makes him a great.

While all politicians feel obligated to fuck with the opposing point of view, Trump skips the foreplay and starts by assaulting the person rather than the idea. It’s easier, I guess – people have flaws (except the Donald). So, pick a (truth optional) flaw, pick an ugly word or phrase to describe it, then throw the words at the opponent. Before you know it, we are all talking about the ugly words – the original topic left behind like an orphan in wartime.

Some claim it’s genius, how he controls communication with sentence and idea fragments – akin to other great communicators like Reagan, Hemingway or Hitler. I find that range a little broad, but see similarity with one.

It’s more likely that all things Trump are symptoms of incomplete socialization. The young Donald, clearly, did not receive the minimum number of ass-kickings required to temper his overly-aggressive nature. Hence, he never made it out of adolescence – never had to. His parents and military school domineers fucked up. Now the republic is left with the mess.

So, either the disenfranchised majority provides the necessary ass-kicking or the Donald will never grow up. Actually, there is little chance he’ll grow up regardless; seventy-year-old men aren’t big on change. So, I guess we’re just in it for the ass-kicking. (The question is who’s?)


In Peace and Justice,

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