Trump Times Entry 88 – Chronic Trump Syndrome

Chronic Trump Syndrome

February 4, 2017chckenHawk

How could we go eighty-eight days without recognizing the national health threat? It’s been publicly presenting since election day zero like any other typical invasive species. But I suppose, the symptoms can be easily overlooked since they resemble less severe maladies like casual bigotry, willing ignorance or Republican persuasion. So, lost amid the crowd of other bad shit all around us, Chronic Trump Syndrome (CTS) has been difficult to identify.

It seems so obvious now. Patient zero, Rudy Giuliani, started displaying symptoms immediately – his self-delusion, self-righteousness and fact free whimsy should have tipped us off. But, probably because his CTS behavior varied so little from his normal bullshit, we missed the obvious.

As it turns out, patient zero proved ineffective for mass infection – no one wanted to get that close to Rudy. But CTS adapted and found a better and equally disposable vector with Kellyanne Conway. Having succumbed to the Trump infection early on, Kellyanne has managed to infect millions with both her mud-slinging style and her imaginative alternative fact droppings.

Unfortunately, Kellyanne’s infection has gone to stage three and she’s now is only capable of speaking in tongues and attempting to conjure disasters by force of will.

Obviously Kellyanne has lost the ability and will to deal with the normal, she so deserves hospice. And, we expect the Donald to do the right thing and retire Kellyanne to the plush padded cell she so sorely deserves.

Let’s face it, the origination and vectors and unimportant now. CTS is everywhere, the CDC must live up to its mandate and protect the public from the mindless infection. It’s, likely, too late to inoculate the population, plus, we don’t have an anti-stupid medication yet. So, perhaps something preventative.

I’m thinking product labeling for a start. Much like mandatory labeling of food ingredients, we should follow the George Carlin principle and start calling things what they actually are. Stop the softening of language. The Trump cabinet candidates didn’t “mislead” congress, they lied to congress. Sean Spicer and Kellyanne are not White House communication staff, they are paid liars.

Web sites and other publications should have CDC labeling so we know what we are getting – maybe something like: MSNBC – mainstream left leaning, Fox New – mainstream far right leaning, CNN – mainstream money leaning, Info Wars – specialty market Nazi leaning, Breitbart News – angry white men hate leaning.

There is no quick cure, syndromes are ideally treated with lifestyle and environmental adjustments. But, the republic is suffering from chronic Trump irritation and, perhaps, compassionately coating the infected area with some truth may ease the discomfort.

In Peace and Justice,

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