Trump Times Entry 87 – Ex Post Facto

Ex Post Facto

February 3, 2017inthought2

Since the election, we’ve had eighty-seven days to reflect upon the events that led us to this juncture. Aware that the past ripples through the future, we hope to glean what’s coming by looking back. A reasonable response to tragedy. Lest we repeat past mistakes – again and again and again.

But, this morning I’d like to look the other direction – to a future, just beyond the inevitable Trump Termination Event.

Now, I don’t claim to know when or how the Donald will go super-nova or even if his exit will be all that grand. Perhaps he’s just drift away like an untethered helium balloon, floating higher and higher until pressure from his internal gas overwhelms his thin skin. Or maybe, one of his many flaws will slowly tear leading to rapid, but not explosive, deflation – not with a bang, but with a raspberry.

I’m hoping for something more visceral, with blood and convulsions – but, as I explained in previous blogs, I also hope to one day to recover from such thoughts. After the war.

So, looking forward to the post Trump era I think it’s reasonable to find a wall – partially built, a thousand percent over budget, standing tribute to graft and corruption on a scale never before imagined.

The cost overruns will have been covered with loans because when the Donald deregulates the money industry, his Wall Street buddies will take all the cash and “invest” it in places best left to the imagination. When the “investments” fail, they’ll respond by demanding more capitol. Trump will respond by printing more money. Runaway inflation and economic chaos will ensue.

Some will blame the assassination on that chaos. But, more likely, Mitch McConnell, high on Jesus and Russian oil futures, will lead sixty senators in stabbing the tyrant to death while chanting, “Not with our money, asshole!”

Trump’s final tweet, “Et Tu Putin.”

In the next election, the country will elect a Democrat, who will raise taxes to bailout the banks and begin rebuilding of the republic. The Republicans and remaining bankers (none of the bankers go to jail, but a few die in casual drive-by shootings) will immediately began criticizing unfair taxation and liberal governmental overreach.

The republic will move forward, ever hopeful – Trump just a bad memory like an exorcised malignancy.  Only the scar will remain.

In Peace and Justice.

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