Trump Times Entry 85 – Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

February 1, 2017meashomer2

While, by forcible election, the Donald was thrust upon us as an unknown, surely, after eighty-five days of observation we can glean a few insights.

So, this morning I’d like to focus on a half-dozen revelations regarding Trump, the public persona. The analysis is based only on his public words and deeds. We have little information about the personal, man within, so discussion will be limited to the public figure.

Besides, based on the way his third wife looks at him and his public references to his daughter’s body, Trump, the inner man, might be best studied in a more clinical setting.

So, some revelations:

1. The Donald does not respond well to critique.
This, of course, is not his fault. Having made no mistakes in life has one big drawback – criticism becomes unexpected, so is unfair.

2. Trump is a philosopher.
He has created his own system of logic, where conclusions are first felt, then supporting facts are gathered. If no existing supporting facts can be found, new, self-evident, facts are created. The system is much quicker than traditional logic and makes the Donald happy so is historically significant.

3. He loves women and has an extensive collection to prove it.
Three successful marriages should be proof enough, but his public oratory offers painfully obvious evidence of his grasp of the feminine. He loves them so much, he can’t keep his hands off.

4. He is the least racist man we know.
Just ask him. Cause that’s what he said. At first, this Trump truth was a little difficult to process. I mean, I’ve known some very non-racists people – people who have died from empathy. The Donald is less racist then them?

But, if we apply Trump philosophy the question fades before the self-evident truth.

5. He thinks quickly and can jam two or three unrelated thoughts into 140 characters.
Yeah, some claim he drifts off topic like an untethered garbage scow, but actually his thoughts are so high energy that they sometimes spontaneously materialize in mid-tweet. Once again, it’s not his fault if thinks bigly – we need to try to keep up.

6. Trump was just a surprised as the rest of us when he won – so give him a break.
He was planning on starting a TV network, grabbing a few new crotches (love them women) and moving on to his next marriage. Now he must appear to be running this country – boring. Lucky for him he has the Steve Bannon around to help out – Nazis are the best organizers.

The republic looks on as parody and reality merge.

In Peace and Justice,


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