Trump Times Entry 84 – Steve Wormtongue Bannon

Steve Wormtongue Bannon

January 31, 2017developers-will-resist

Looks like we’re going to make it through January without nuclear holocaust or Russian peace keeping forces in DC – so, at least we have that. Mostly, the tyrant has been ignoring his Russian commitments in favor of domestic plunder – been signing executive decrees like it’s 1933 Germany.

But, so far, the Donald’s pronouncements haven’t been very functional. Ordering science based agencies to shut up blew up in his Botox enhanced face. Seems bullying all the smart kids at once is much harder than scamming Trump University wannbes. And his immigration tantrum was greeted with both public distain and the constitutional outrage. But, we can expect him to fight to get his way on this one – with real layers and alternative facts.

Since he can’t allocate money, many of the Donald’s dictates are just wishes – unfunded dreams of a dystopian future. Funding the culture war is congress’ job and they’re a little busy right now. Feeling Trump too good to be true, they are legislating up a storm, covering their white asses a quickly as possible – preparing for the inventible Trump termination event. (Hell, some suspect they may be planning the event themselves. Hope springs eternal.)

So, while Trump’s ranting has largely been ineffective (though harmful) hubris, is does provide some clue into his agenda and methods. It’s all pretty dark, nationalistic, and heavy handed – kind of reads like the alt-right (Nazi) media. But, when we have Steve Bannon as the Donald’s closest adviser there’s bound to be stylistic crossover.

How Bannon, an unapologetic white supremacist, rose to While House level influence is a story best left to future poets and songwriters. For us in the here and now, it is sufficient to know Steve Wormtongue Bannon has the ear of a weak president. As a result, we need to further lower our expectations of Trump – he’s taking advise from a known Nazi.

We’ve had eighty-four days since the stolen election to observe the Donald – to identify and anticipate problems. Yet Trump continues to surprise the republic with shocking new lows and feats moral abandon.


In Peace and Justice,

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