Trump Times Entry 83 – Unconstitutional Crisis

Unconstitutional Crisis

January 30, 2017inthought2

As promised, last Friday the Donald issued a decree forbidding millions from entering the United States. Team Trump put on their clever face and worded the proclamation to target Muslim people without directly saying so. They figured if they banned whole Muslim countries, but exempted Christian populations from those Muslim countries we wouldn’t notice the result was ban Muslims.

I think one imperfection if the communication loop between the Donald and we the majority is his assumption that we are all as stupid as his supporters. We are not.

Proving the point, the public saw through the language and responded with huge spontaneous demonstrations. The ACLU stepped up and filed suit. A couple federal courts issued orders to stop unconstitutional actions like preventing the accused from seeing counsel and detaining or deporting legal residents.

While Homeland Security has honored the court orders, it seems Trump’s Customs and Border Protection Department has not. So this morning, we have the executive branch ignoring rulings from the judicial branch – nice. I guess that whole check and balance thing is too low energy for the Donald.

I wonder what childish reason he will offer for his buffoonery this time, maybe “The courts are not the boss of me” or “I called it first”. Then again, maybe, he’ll use one of his zany off-the-rails declarations –something like, “We’re going to temporarily take your guns, except from those who voted republican in 2016.” You never know with the Donald.

Last night, watching live feeds from airports across the country, crowds chanting, “This is what democracy looks like!” was the best I’ve felt in long time. Felt like the late sixties, but with better phones and worse politicians. The crowds looked vaguely familiar, could almost smell cigarette smoke, and wisps of weed, in the air. Together, defiant, staring down the beast – I wonder if they realize how much worse this will get. I suspect they do.

The tyrant has had eighty-three days since election to offer signs of humanity. Having witnessed none, the republic concludes a monster has taken hold and his ways will be monster ways.

(Meanwhile, Paul Ryan and his gang of thieves is in closed session carving up the country.)


In Peace and Justice,

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