Trump Times Entry 80 – Friday Rant

Friday Rant

January 27, 2017try3

Since the election, eighty days ago, we’ve experienced pre-adolescent taunting, outrageous lies and finger-wagging lectures from men who take ethical guidance from Machiavelli. Though, it’s more likely, they take no ethical guidance at all.

While China assumes dominance in the Pacific, Russia and NATO play grab-ass along European border and refugees, by the millions, are stacked in squalor like so much dry tinder, our national discussion revolves around the size of the inaugural crowd and paranoid election fraud charges made by the winner of the election.

Meanwhile, the senior State Department staff have all quit. But, that’s okay because, soon, the CEO of ExxonMobil will be stepping into the top State Department job – bringing with him minutes of actual diplomatic experience. Yeah, we look forward to Rex Tillerson, jetting around a troubled globe, visiting refugee camps, promoting women’s rights, crafting peaceful solutions to centuries old problems with free-market thought. Or, maybe, he’ll do something completely different.

Remarkably, all Trump’s nominations sport the same quality of talent. Who would have thought there were so many government hating narcissists willing to become the government? I wonder, when they join the government, do stop hating it? Or do they start hating themselves? Maybe, they’ve always hated themselves – and the government. Big questions about sensitive guys, it’s so much to ponder.

(Fuck ‘em and the voters they rode in on. Ponder complete.)

In the other branch of ironic governance, our congress, who would not fund emergency and disaster relief without offsetting spending cuts, is now eager to underwrite the fifteen to twenty-five-billion-dollar Trump wall of hate project.

The most ironic aspect of this real-estate deal is the likelihood of it not happening. The Republicans who voted to authorize it know it’s not going to happen, but they’re cowards and the political risk is high – so, they’ll fund it until the Donald has his, overdue, massive coronary and President Pence decides to, instead, spend the money on Jesus water parks.

I look forward to President Pence. Fighting a religious fanatic seems preferable to fighting narcissistic psycho. A refreshing change indeed.

The republic needs to get back to historical values. Let’s make crazy traditional again.

In Peace and Justice

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