Trump Times Entry 79 – Whee!


January 26, 2017mefront2

Sorry about the unartful title, but it’s been seventy-nine days since the mock election and each day brings new, progressively uglier, Trump atrocities. Now that the Donald has the power of declaration, he has been declaring up a storm. Hence, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cleverly encapsulate the day’s impressions into a couple words. There’s just so many ways to say “we’re screwed”.

The Trump offensive is now engaging of multiple fronts.

On the executive front, the Donald has launched a salvo of executive orders (with matching tweets) targeting known enemies like immigrants, federal employees and the environment. It should be noted that by using a type of political slight-of-hand, unwitnessed since Nixon, the Donald syphoned tax dollars from an unrelated but similarly named program into his wall effort. For a non-politician, Trump’s already remarkably competitive.

On the propaganda front, where the Donald really shines, the war of words has reached a fevered pitch. With an exciting one-two punch, Trump first unleashed Kellyanne Conway onto an unsuspecting public. In rare form, Kellyanne managed to shift blame with circular reasoning while securing the victim position – all while creating a cultural meme. The Kellyanne sortie left the public confused, demoralized and in need of fermented beverage.

We never saw the second punch coming, since it was disguised as Press Secretary Sean Spicer. At the opening bell, Sean presented a moving target, attacking – no questions allowed. Then, following up with a sensitive yet somehow combative persona, his gaslighting skills left the press corps less informed than ever. Nationally Xanax sales spiked. We’re expecting big things from Sean.

On the Twitter (public distraction) front, the Donald is demanding an investigation into the election he won. (Just typing that sentence makes me dizzy. Whee!) Of course, he feels we only need to spend our money investigating the two big states he lost. After all, if he lost there must have been fraud.

Rest assure, the investigation WILL find fraud. And if it doesn’t, we’ll just investigate again, and again, and again – just like with anyone or anything else he wants to discredit. For years, our Republican friends have been successfully using this time-honored technique.

Meanwhile, hidden by the noise and confusion of the Trump assault, the Republicans in congress continue to advance like cowards, in the dark.

The republic stands battered, a victim of domestic assault. Resisting rules that favor the assaulter is our only sane option. Surrender will only beg demand for more, till nothing more remains.

In Peace and Justice

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