Trump Times Entry 78 – Climate Change Control

Climate Change Control

January 25, 2017trumpfootball2

On this seventy-eighth day since America elected anger over reason, the national debate has gotten a little quieter. With fewer voices, now that the Donald has ordered environmental related agencies to shut up, the environmental discussion is also way more civilized. We all know how rude and negative those scientific elites can be, so the Donald thinks it best to move on without them.

Now that we have intellectual silence, Trump can do what he does best – make a great deal. It will be epic when, unencumbered by science, he negotiates the shit out of planet Earth. His realistic objectives include, but are not limited to, all exploitable resources the planet has to offer. And true to his renown haggling style, the Donald remains unspecific regarding the price he’s willing to pay.

The Earth, currently busy with subsystem breakdown, was unavailable for comment. But, those close to the planet report the Earth does not negotiate with terrorists. They also claim to have proof that if a species becomes too problematic, the planet, a pragmatist, will simply eliminate the problem. (Then again, saying negative stuff like that is why Trump ordered them to shut up.)

Earth does not give a damn about the republic, the Donald or the middle-class jobs. Like all living things, it cares about survival – and survive it will. Whether we will be included on Earth’s surviving species list remains in question.

But, It’s not looking good.

In Peace and Justice,

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