Trump Times Entry 73 – The Calm

The Calm

January 20, 2017inthought2

Today, we complete what we started seventy-three days ago, and hand the republic to the Donald. The Trump fan boys, armed with implied consent, are eager to start the grabbing on day one. They stand ready to snatch it from unholy social programs and give it up to righteous job-creators right now. Hell, they even claim moral high ground. After all, you can’t rape the willing.

But first, the Donald must party and take the weekend off.

While the presidential term starts today, the Donald, not a big fan of numbers (Arabic numerals? Bad idea!), has designated next Monday as day one of his administration. We all know Monday’s actually day four, but we also understand that Trump’s reality is, well, elastic.  Lessons learned.

Plus, two days without the Donald sounds fantastic. Maybe, he’ll enjoy vacation so much that he’ll take more time off – lot’s more time. (Hey, a guy can dream.)

I suggest we enjoy the calm before the storm. Try to ignore the inauguration, boycott it if you can. If we drive down the TV ratings, he’ll get really excited and treat us to more twitter fun. Attend and support protests events. There’s lots to choose from. I heard there’s a demonstration in DC that’s handing out joints to the protesters – nice, takes me back to my youth. (Matter of fact this whole fucking thing takes me back to my youth, but I’ll save that rant for another time.)

Above all, cherish one another. They’re quite comfortable with collateral damage and the storm starts in earnest on Monday.

In Peace and Justice,


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