Trump Times Entry 72 – Another Day

Another Day

January 19, 2017mefront2

Day seventy-two of the Trump legacy abuts formal inauguration, a wedding of sorts. Back in November, we arranged a marriage of convenience with the Donald and tomorrow’s the big day. Given that he got what he wanted and now can “have his way with us”, one would think his mood would improve. Perhaps a genuine smile, or some twitter kindness. (Just, no grabbing, please!)

But no, on the eve of the wedding he’s angry as ever. I suppose we should be grateful that, mostly, his rage is directed at the press – for now, he’s attacking the messenger. After the blessed event, who knows?

We do know, our new partner does not favor criticism. And, being a real man, is not afraid to escalate anything into a barroom-brawl – on Twitter that is. (Even with my perverse imagination, I can’t picture Trump in an actual brawl. Like any bully, he only plays where he is assured of winning – shaming kids on social media is more his style)

Let’s face it, his relentless perusal to have others appreciate his greatness is what makes him great. So, it would be great if we, his latest acquisition, would just assume the position and learn from the great Kellyanne. After all, how can the Donald make America great again, unless we praise him for his greatness? Okay? Great!

I suppose, like any other forced brides we can take solace in that, in a few years, he’ll lose interest and take up with some other country (maybe Russia). Who knows, maybe we’ll get to keep the kids and some of our money in the settlement?

But that lofty hope is years off. And right now, we have more immediate concerns. Like, what capricious task will he visit upon the wedding night? Or, how long must we wait before demanding separate bedrooms? OMG, what about the honeymoon?

Tomorrow, as a consequence of the Donald, the republic will walk down the aisle with the Donald, certain that consequences won’t stop here. Other than that, it will be just another day.

In Peace and Justice,

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