Trump Times Entry 71 – Attendance Deficit Disorder

Attendance Deficit Disorder

January 18, 2017ticket

It’s been seventy-one days since that pale November morn when the angry embraced the greedy and achieved a minority large enough to win the election – with some help from Mother Russia. And now, in only two days we will celebrate the peaceful transfer of power and inaugurate the Trump administration. Whether we like it or not, cause that’s how the system works. Democracy has nothing to do with it.

And that’s what the inauguration is all about – celebration of the system. A celebration of democracy would look very different from what we are about to see.

Of course, this inauguration will feature traditional the pomp and circumstance, along with all the best entertainment that could be pressed into service. “Which is more ironic, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing for the Swearing-In or The Talladega College marching band serving in the parade?” is a question better left to those more thoughtful than me.

I prefer the simpler irony in that so few want to attend. Yes, even at this late date, tickets are available for all Inaugural happenings. Apparently, scalpers expect to lose money on paid events like the balls. And rumor has it, if you wait until the last minute, your congressman will not only give you tickets for free, but may even be willing to pay you a modest fee for attending. (Travel would be at your own expense, unless, of course, you are a rich donor.)

Indeed, what this inauguration lacks in willing talent and unpaid attendees, will be made up for with pure irony.

On the other hand, record setting protest crowds are expected to greet the Donald at his inauguration on Friday. The numbers are expected to seriously exceed the 1973 Nixon protest. Which makes sense, since Trump makes Nixon look like a Quaker. (Sorry.)

Then on Saturday, as many as 200,000 are expected to show up for the Women’s March. I wonder how much press this and other free speech events will get from our normalizing media. I don’t expect much because free speech is rarely free – they gotta give the public what their sponsors want. Instagram, YouTube and (god help us) Twitter may be the only ways to witness actual history.

The republic encourages taking to the streets in the face of tyranny. While the tyrant and complicit press offer a branded packaged product, we all know the dancing will be better in the street.

In Peace and Justice,

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