Trump Times Entry 70 – A Fine Bromance

A Fine Bromance

January 17, 2017trump-putin-1

One odd aspect of human perception is how a chunk of time may seem both long and short. For instance, the seventy days since the election that made America ill-tempered again seem to have taken a lifetime. Yet, that carefree time back when we liked NATO and not Vladimir Putin seems like only yesterday. Seemly, time relentlessly blunders forward too fast to notice, but too slow to hold our attention – a self-contradiction.

Kind of like the Donald.

Now, I don’t mean to conflate Trump with a physics fundamental that describes the universe. (Though, I’m pretty sure he considers himself a force of nature.) But, haven’t you noticed he, also, relentlessly blunders forward seemingly too fast because he’s too slow and pays no attention. Plus, self-contradiction is his only consistent property. Time is a complex notion and the Donald is a complex guy.

It’s to be expected that a guy like the Donald will have a tough time finding fellow homies to hang with. So few can relate to his hugeness or appreciate his presidential magnificence. But luckily, Vladimir Putin can.

What a pairing!  Together they’ve taken on challenging circumstances and reworked obstacles into relationship building exercises. It started out innocently enough with a Donald in need, an election slipping away. Vladimir stepped-up and selflessly saved the day, taking no credit for a deed well done.

And, who could forget Trump refusing to join the partisan heckling when Putin was unfairly accused of hacking. Taking the high road, the Donald explained he would just like to get along with Vladimir, but we all could tell by the twinkle in his eyes that there was more to it.

And more we have. Putin’s taken to publicly defending Trump in the press; Trump’s offered to end those silly sanctions. Foreign loan money (Russian?) has, remarkably, found its way to the Trump organization. The Donald’s first foreign trip as president will be, of course, to Russia. What next, perhaps a seaside condo together in Crimea?

Yup, who would have guessed, two alpha males with such vastly different profiles would right-swipe one another – in front of the whole world. We’ve come a long way, indeed, brother.

Comrades, the republic stands in the friend-zone, wondering how to say “We’re screwed” in Russian.

In Peace and Justice,


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