Trump Times Entry 60 – Unsympathetic Empathy

Unsympathetic Empathy

January 7, 2017AngryGuyBW

Sixty days into the Trump legacy and I still have not lost hope. Instead I’ve lost patience – patience for all the concern we squander on the mythical Trump supporter. True, now that Trump has gotten what he wanted from them he’ll screw them over. So what? Harsh lessons are part of life. Why waste sympathy on the drunk red-neck when he shoots himself? How is the Trump voter different? Drunk on self-pity they used the ballot box like a Saturday night special.

Fuck them. We outnumber them. We don’t need them. The only things they bring to the table are narcissism and Miller-Lite – which, admittedly, is more than what Trump brings, but Miller products give me a headache.

Remember them chanting to imprison the opposition? Do you think they would stop with just Hillary if given the power? And it’s all about power. They use to have high paying jobs which gave them the power to feel superior to us damn libtard hippies, minorities and feminazis. They mourn the loss of something they never really had – not honest work, but implied superiority.

The Trump voter’s willingness to hand the country over to an overtly racist, openly misogynistic obvious liar alludes to who they are. We need to embrace the obvious and move on – without them.

The republic stands despite those, both rich and poor, who hold self-entitlement above all else.

In Peace with Justice

PS: The empathy part –
While I see no reason for sympathy for the Trump faithful, in all honesty, I must admit to some empathy. I’m embarrassed to admit I now feel the kind of hate for the Trump masses that they feel for me and my libtard friends. I know how they feel, because I feel that way about them.

I don’t wear this proudly and hope, one day, to recover. Perhaps that’s what separates us – we libtards feel hatred is a defect, to be fixed. While the Trump masses don’t recognize their feelings as hate, but as righteous social entitlement.

Fuck them.

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