Trump Times Entry 59 – Bloated Mandate

Bloated Mandate

January 6, 2017paul-ryan2bw

In only fifty-nine days, the Russian-Republican alliance has managed to recast their minority victory into a landslide. After all, if you don’t count California they may have even won the popular vote.

Of course, If you ignore California you ignore twelve percent of our population. But hey, Republicans are comfortable with marginalizing large population groups. They’ve been deprecating African-Americans (thirteen percent of the population) for years. No one’s too big to assail.

Hell, women (50.8% of the population) are next. As an aside to the “mandated” burning of the Affordable Care Act, our congressional trolls are throwing Planned Parenthood onto the bonfire. They plan to protect the unborn by taking health care away from the post-born.

While, this sweeping change gives the right one of their favorite things (the apparent moral high ground while taking stuff away from people), we all know what it’s really all about – their fear of the vagina. (Please refer to my previous blog Trump Times 57, where I treat this topic with even less detail.)

The republic stands on principles designed to protect minorities from an overly aggressive majority, but overlooks protecting the majority from an overly pompous minority. Perhaps John Adams was too preoccupied with democracy’s potential suicide, but, then again, how could anyone foresee opportunists as soulless as Paul Ryan or traitors as wrenched as the Donald.

The claim of mandate is dangerous cultural bloating, brought on by a diet of unhealthy ideas and perpetuated by a lack of mental exercise. The Republicans, of course, ignore the swelling; they’re busy breaking stuff. And, anyway, if required we can get it treated later – in some emergency room.

In Peace with Justice,

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