Trump Times Entry 58 – Dead Man Tweeting

Dead Man Tweeting

January 5,2017inthought2

Day fifty-eight of the Trump saga features a rich mixture of political theater, international intrigue and offensive tweets. Ever a storyteller, the Donald has conjured up a reality spy show for us – and it’s not just some low-energy high-complexity boring espionage yarn.

No, the Donald knows his audience – so, this spy adventure is riddled with his trademark bat-shit-crazy twists and ever-popular reality-redefinition. Gee, he even got CIA to come out to play. And let’s face it, the entertainment value in a public shouting match between the CIA and the incoming executive is biblical – as are the potential consequences. If you enjoy being frightened, this show is for you.

The republic stands puzzled as our new face threatens our old brain.

The outcome of any Trump story is, by definition, undefined, but we do have clues regarding the intelligence community’s conflict resolution technique. They tend to prefer more traditional, private, direct mechanisms. You are more likely to be hit and killed by a falling meteor than to bait the CIA into an embarrassing Twitter fight – well, a meteor or something like a meteor.

While a political spectrum from Chairman Mao to the CIA believe, political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, I still disagree. But, lately, I sometimes see their point of view.

In those darker moments, I wonder: Eighty years from now, will the most common moral dilemma question still be, “If you could, would you go back in time and kill Hitler?” or something else?

I, obviously, spend too much time thinking about this shit.

So anyway, here’s hoping the Donald continues to tweet symbolic “You’re Fired” messages to the CIA. I’m sure they’ll react just like congress and run for cover from his awesomeness.

Or maybe not. (Hope springs eternal.)

In Peace and Justice,


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