Trump Times Entry 55 – Both Matter

Both Matter

January 2, 2017mefront2

Should have seen it coming, fifty-five day into this whole Trump thing and subscription monetized revolution is becoming available. So far, I’ve only seen a couple ads. Mostly in bright orange, they offer publications with catchy names like Revolutionary Monthly for a very reasonable fee, like twenty bucks a month. So far, I have not clicked through to get more details, for fear of contracting some old-school virus. But wonder, is this a new-school thing?

Will the digital revolutionary experience become the way we realize our insurgent and subversive hopes and dreams? Probably, but not a paid subscription basis. Most likely, the new pay-for-play services are simply angst-engines, dreamed up by marketing pros, eager to exploit the new Trump-fearing market. You know, just making a living.

They’re kind of like that guy, who during 2016, made his living writing alt-right fake news stories. The one who claimed to be a liberal and voted for Hillary. The ass hat who, when the interviewer asked how he reconciled his work with his politics, stared blankly into the camera and looked surprised. A conflict had not occurred to him, because making money trumps all. (pun intended)

The republic stands amid those who desire power at any cost and those willing to sell it for a paycheck. Both a threat.

In peace with justice


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