Trump Times Entry 54 – Non-sequitur Reality

Non-sequitur Reality

January 1, 2017meashomer2

Has it only been fifty-four days since the Donald tweet talked us into his darkness? Seems longer. Our “that was last year” trick, where we trade a single day in for a year, while helpful, isn’t adequate. Feels like we’ve been Trumped for way longer than a year. Perhaps there is some correlation between the perception of time and the events contained within.

Then again, perhaps some heinous phenomenon has caused flux. Unsettling events like: faith and belief recently wining a war over facts, the Russian Republican alliance forming, Ted Nugent still performing, suggest something more fundamental has gone very wrong.

We live a world where, recently while explaining why the economy was troubled, a Trump surrogate declared, “One thing was certain, that the white guy had had nothing to do with it: — it was the black guy’s fault entirely.”

May I point out that if we substitute the word “kitten” for the word “guy” in that sentence, we have the opening line to Through the Looking Glass? Just saying. Coincidence? Did the Donald’s awesomeness distort reality? Am I overworking this metaphor? Just don’t know. Trump times.

The republic stands staring into a genuine Trump Corp full-length circus mirror – wondering, who the fuck is that?

In closing, I challenge everyone to have a happy new year. Won’t be easy, rarely is. Worth it? Likely.

In Peace with Justice,

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