Trump Times Entry 53 – Who would have guessed?

Who would have guessed?

December 31, 2016meashomer

Given that we had the entire year to prepare for today, who would have guessed it would be day fifty-three of Trump Times?

Way back last January the choices seemed limitless, Bernie and Hillary on the left, every nationally known republican on the right. With over eleven hopefuls fighting for the nomination, who would have guessed the GOP would go with a non-Republican? I mean, who?

Back last spring, when Hillary was maintaining and Bernie was gaining, while the Republicans were busy calling names, I never would have guessed a Trump tainted New Year’s Eve. (Tickets for the Party with Trump New Year’s Eve event went on sale last week and quickly sold out. Yeah, sold out – go figure. Buying access to the President has never been easier or more convenient. Yea, capitalism!)

Then back over the summer, when Hillary played dirty and took the nomination, while all but one Republicans self-destructed, who would have guessed only the TV star would remain? But, wtf, they’ve had luck using entertainers in the past.

Rant Alert:
Dear angry Bernie people,
I understand your outrage – what happened was outrageous. Nevertheless, what the fuck did you expect? She’d been a successful national level politician for over forty years – if you expected her to play nice, you miss-judged. Stop complaining about a snake acting like a snake.

It’s a dirty game. Think about it, the Donald won because he played dirtier.
Rant end:

On to the Fall, when Trump publicly announced his proclivity for crotch grabbing – and got away with it. We should have noticed some darkness in the force at this point, but Hillary was pulling ahead in the polls. Things looked good, who would have guessed?

Pre-election we consumed Russian Wiki email with FBI on the side – hold the pervert old-guy stories. Who would have guessed hating one woman would prove more interesting than protecting the rest?

Then the election where we decided to hand the asylum over to the psychopath ward. Who would have guessed?!? A more important question: who are we?

And now the republic stands looking forward into the next year, pointlessly guessing, but willing nonetheless. Watch for the Donald, he’ll be the one grating America. Resist!

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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