Trump Times Entry 52 – Saccharine Sanctions

Saccharine Sanctions

December 30, 2016mefront2

We’ve had fifty-two days since Putin stacked the deck and Trump drew one card on aces over eights – then won the election. Like cards in a deck each day since has been different. If I were to select a card for this unique day, I’d go with the queen of hearts.

I don’t mean the Tarot queen of hearts, what with her introspective women persona. And certainly not, the vaguely symbolic tattoo Queen of hearts; I want to be more specific than that. I’m thinking the Alice in Wonderland Queen of hearts – the crazy, self-involved, demanding bitch screaming “Off with their heads!”

Cause that’s how I see the Donald.

(Yeah, I know, that was a really convoluted path just to call Trump a the crazy, self-involved, demanding bitch. But hey, the joy is in the journey.)

Now a few words regarding the sanctions Obama leveled against Russia: crock of crap!

This has been the problem with Obama all along, he really wants to fight fair. So, he brings a rule book to a knife fight. Since most Republicans favor sanctions, Obama seems to think Trump will be boxed in – trapped in a politically embarrassing corner. Oh please, as if the Donald is capable of embarrassment!

Trump will lift the sanctions whenever he likes. If any of the congressional Republicans oppose him, he’ll accuse them of having tiny hands and move on to some other topic of hysteria. Laying a trap that’s dependent on Trump’s sense of political decorum is, at best, naive. I expect better from a Harvard graduate. Disappointing, again.

I was hoping for something more high energy, like seizing Russian assets in America and donating them to an LGBTQ advocacy organization. Or renaming the street where the Riverdale Russian Federation compound is located to “Pussy Riot Boulevard”. You know, something edgy, but classy.

Instead, the republic stands in wonder as Russia tweets “lame duck “.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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