Trump Times Entry 51 – Emotional Dissonance

Emotional Dissonance

December 29, 2016inthought2

While that election was only fifty-one days ago, it’s already become an echo from a bygone era. From here, the good old days, back when Trump was just another snake oil salesman on reality TV, seem idyllic and distant. Life was so simple back when ignoring Trump was the best mental health choice – back when changing the station was the remedy enough. I recall feeling good back then, but the feeling has become blurred by time and tweets.

The republic stands on its feelings as well as its thoughts. How we feel about ourselves is just as significant as what we think of others.

Like any good flim-flam man, the Donald has gained favor by giving people what they want – emotionally. The neo-cons feel Trump will give them a new world order. The Nazis feel the same way. The new-poor white population feels Trump will take them back to a better place and time (for them). Well-off people feel Trump will give them low taxes and cheap stuff. Hell, even the leader of Israel now feels Trump will give him friendlier support from the USA.

(I have no idea what Putin feels – I suspect he doesn’t. It’s hard to tell who’s the con and who’s the mark in the Trump-Putin relationship. It’s complicated.)

Of course, the Donald can’t actually give these people what they want. Frequently the hopes of one group run opposed to the dreams of another. For instance, I doubt the American Nazis favor a pro-Israel foreign policy. Additionally, the well-off people are unlikely to favor progressive social programs and high-paying unskilled jobs for the new-poor, because it costs money – their money.

While the con-man can make new promises and rotate attention, eventual conflict is guaranteed.

At some point the Nazis and Israel will notice they are in the same camp. Eventually, the conflict between those so poor they feel they have nothing and those so rich, but feel they don’t have enough, will manifest. Feelings will move to actions.

I doubt their actions will be limited to angry blogs.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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