Trump Times Entry 49 – Republican Governance is an Oxymoron

Republican Governance is an Oxymoron

December 27, 2016

One Less Than Fifty

as we wait, on America great
again elected time

can you feel the form, of a coming storm
back here from forty-nine

(Sorry, but sometimes prose seems so, well, wordy.)

Yeah, day forty-nine and who would have guessed political chaos, if applied daily, leads to boredom. The news keeps repeating the same stories: Trump tweets something stupid and provocative, Trump appoints some asshole to dismantle some agency or social program, Paul Ryan continues his metamorphosis from garden-variety sociopath to soulless golem. Same old, same old.

Luckily, there’s variety on the state level. The variation is not so much in tone (still dark and shrill), but rather in application. At the local level, the horrible shit Trump and his minions allude to, is actually happening. Our laboratories of democracy, now maned by Tea Party Walter Whites, are engaging in human experimentation, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Josef Mengele.

We have Michigan’s governor permitting cities to be poisoned, because “it’s cheaper”. Then there’s North Carolina’s small government crowd reaching into the public restrooms to assure Christian values are preserved within the stalls. Moreover, when the restroom stalking cost them the gubernatorial election they just changed the rules to make sure power doesn’t fall into the wrong (non-Republican) hands. All legal, democracy at its finest.

Perhaps most striking was North Dakota unleashing both private and public forces upon an unarmed Native American encampment. The Pinkertons and Sheriffs waging the white man’s war on a tribal gathering – not exactly a new story, but more compelling than Trump’ shitty spelling.

The list of unfortunate Republican governance examples go on and on. I think they don’t believe in government because they’re just really bad it. To them governing like a complex toy, way to sophisticated – frustrating. I fear they may break it while throwing an alt-tantrum.

Governed by government deniers, the republic stands gerrymandered, bound in place by those insisting change only occur in reverse.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,


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