Trump Times Entry 46 – bigly low-energy euphenism

bigly low-energy euphenism

December 24, 2016meashomer2

Post-election day forty-six, and it’s just another day in paradise. That, of course, was a euphemism – meant to soften and make light of something too harsh to say directly. Euphemisms allow us to say shitty things with pretty words. I, obviously, don’t think we’re living in paradise. That state of grace has yet to come, but is scheduled for January twentieth. (See, did it again.)

Over the last year or so, I’ve puzzled over the Donald’s euphemisms. Actually, I’ve had a difficult time identifying them. Separating his slogans, from his coded speech, from his locker room talk has been exhausting. Moreover, I don’t find softening or amusement in catch phrases like “lock her up” or “build the wall”. But, perhaps like Condoleezza Rice said, it’s a lack of imagination on my part.

Then, a few days back the Donald let slip a hint, a glimpse into the greatest brain on earth. The word euphenism, like a shiny new toy, meant to distract an already confused public, went viral across the media, all thanks to the Donald.

In English, we all get to makeup new words. And Trump has been doing it bigly – braggadocious and unpresidented are just a couple of his more popular contributions to our lexicon. But, while I don’t want to appear braggadocious, I think the subtly of meaning offered by euphenism is, well, unpresidented.


So, to formalize slightly, we have a context implied definition:

euphenism – huge exaggerations, meant to gain attention then be later ignored.

Unfortunatly, that’s also the definition of trumpism and propaganda. So, while we’ve gained a new word, we have not gained any new insight. I suspect that was the intention.

Or maybe he’s just an idiot and the republic stands in spite of the violence visited upon the language and the people by the braggadocio, Trump.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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