Trump Times Entry 44 – Repression Suppression

Repression Suppression

December 22, 2016Me-About

We, the majority, having repressed our anger for forty-four days since that illegitimate election because the “rules of common decency” require that we not act like poor losers, need to stop it. Repressed anger, anger turned inward, leads to depression – Trump times are depressing enough without self-inflected wounds.

So, like Obama said to Putin, “Cut it out.” (Yeah, I still can’t believe he tried to dissuade Putin in such trivial manner. Obama should consider shutting up about the election; everything he says now makes him look like a weak asshole. I rather not remember him like that. But I digress…)

The republic stands because the colonists ignored British “rules of common decency” and used guerilla tactics. Common decency was not a subject of interest, getting the fucking British out of the country was. Perhaps there’s a lesson here.

I’m not suggesting there are no moral lines – there are. Violence is usually ill-considered and ineffective. Self-defense notwithstanding. (How’s that for obfuscation?)

On the other hand, some of the “rules of common decency” are only meant to make us feel better by securing the high-road. But frankly, the “when they go low, we go high” thing just isn’t working out. Hell, if creating and selling fiction as reality is allowed, why not join the fun? I’m pretty sure we have better storytellers. I think the American public could get into a narrative about the evil Trump-Nazi empire and small bands of libtard rebels holding them at bay.

We need to tell the more compelling story – creative limits be damned.

So, don’t suppress, rather express your anger – it’s healthy. Make up a horrible story about the neo-cons, facts optional – accusations required. A quick look at what the Nazis have online tells us writing talent is not required – so anyone can play. Be it on reality news, as citizen reporters or as social media trolls we are underrepresented. So, let’s get out there and tell a good story. Just don’t feel limited by truth – Republicans don’t.

Just remember, the voters we need to reach aren’t interested in nuanced tails of self and community enrichment. (Shit, I doubt they could even follow that last sentence.) They want good guys, bad guys and bloody feasts. I suggest we feed them republicans.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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