Trump Times Entry 43 – Self-Therapy


December 21, 2016mefront2

It’s a little disappointing that it took me forty-three days of Trump to realize how insane the public discussion had become. At first I thought mainstream media were showering us with ambiguous attention-begging headlines coupled with trivial stories to compete with fake news outlets. But after further review, I think they’re just trying to report what current political reality looks like – a world most appropriately reflected with a supermarket tabloid style.

The republic stands in several opposing realities. With all the implied detail, lack of nuanced info and hidden agendas sometimes it’s difficult to discern which side you’re on. As a form of self-therapy, this morning I’d like to work out some feelings regarding a few of the catchier headlines.

(Yeah, I know I could say this stuff in the comment sections of the various articles, but, frankly, every time I interact in a mainstream comment thread I feel a compelling need for a shower and a prophylactic penicillin shot.)

Death Sentences Decline In U.S. As Public Attitudes Shift – (Reuters)
No, I don’t think so. Executions have simply been moved from the prisons to the street. All too frequently the police take life without the formality of a trial. I actually believe this is tolerated because it’s cheaper than a drawn-out legal process.

(Wow, I’ve really become cynical.)

South Carolina Lawmakers Propose Porn Block On New Computers – (Reuters)
Yup, South Carolina, always on the culture war front line, wants to require computer manufacturers to build in a porn filter. Beside displaying a breathtaking lack of computer knowledge our SC friends feature an equal lack of real moral conviction. Under the proposed law, the filtered computer user could pay a mere twenty-dollar fee (to the state, of course) and have the filter removed. So, the actual headline should read, “South Carolina Lawmakers Propose Computer Porn Tax”.

(But then, the Republicans never increase taxes – right?)

Most Republicans Think Donald Trump Has Changed The GOP For The Better – (Huffington Post)
Of course, they do – he won. The Republicans don’t give a shit about ideology; they care about winning.

(Why is this even news? Find something else to write about.)

Election-Shaking Email Subpoena ‘Must Be Seen As A Partisan Political Act’ – (Huffington Post)
While more evidence that James Comey is a sleaze-bag is gratifying, it’s too little, too late. In winner take all politics, the win is the only thing. Since Trump won, there is little reason to believe Comey will pay for his actions. And even if popular demand forces Trump to throw Comey under the bus, it’s acceptable. Because they won.

(When fighting the sociopath, embrace the unexpected.)

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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