Trump Times Entry 42 – Less-than One Term

Less-than One Term

December 20, 2016try3

Here on day forty-two, the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything remains elusive as ever. On the other hand, fantasy government, an illogical extension of reality TV, will soon be playing everywhere near you. Watch for it on the twentieth of January – the Donald insists.

Like a bad-taste reboot of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” the Donald show will aspire to mediocre longevity, but given the embedded tragedy perhaps we can cut the run short. The republic stands ready for another less-than one term president.

Out of respect for the tactics enshrined by our Republican friends, a less-than one term Trump goal seems reasonable. Yeah, I know their plan was to make Obama a one term guy. But why not aspire to better?

The neo-con press is already accusing libtards of plotting and scheming – according to a fake news source (FOX) we can expect historical numbers of filibusters and other disruptive tactics from the Democrats. (We should be so lucky!)

If the Dems are up for it, a place to start is the Electoral College vote count in January. Since, during the count, objections must be addressed within two hours, a series of objection could tie up the process for a long time. Of course, the outcome would not be changed by such a tactic, but the disruption would serve to delegitimize.

Oh no! Did I just suggest delegitimizing? Oh, yes indeed I did! From where I’m looking, the circumstance of the election (Russian hacks, FBI interference, voter suppression, etc.) has already delegitimized the process. It’s fair game to use any legal means at our disposal to express our distain and non-consent.

Plus, objecting during the count to illegally gerrymandered states, like North Carolina, holds some merit. Since the federal court already found their redistricting race-based and unconstitutional, how legitimate can the North Carolina election results be? Worth forcing a public discussion during the count? Why not?

Moving forward, let’s not legitimize Trump in any way. A small, but important, tactic is never to refer to him as the president – he’s just Trump. Words are important, even the ones we don’t use.

Write, talk, lobby, demonstrate against whatever the Donald wants. Always. If we make the Donald more trouble than he’s worth the Republicans (or maybe the CIA) will dispense with him.

Then again, I may just be fantasizing – tis the season.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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