Trump Times Entry 40 – A Case Against Empathy

trump-monopA Case Against Empathy

December 18, 2016

After forty days of consideration, I find the most alarming aspect of the election is the willingness of Republicans to overlook (and embrace) Russian tampering. Remember back when the Republicans were stanchly anti-Putin? Remember when they constantly criticized Obama’s soft response to the Russian threat? Remember when they went self-righteously loony over the Russian reset?

Seems it’s outrageous for Secretary of State Clinton to pal around with Russian diplomats, but Trump spooning Putin is just two sensitive guys finding their way in a troubled world. Given how quickly conservatives gave up their (very public) principles, I can only conclude that had I seriously misjudged them.

Up till now, I thought most conservatives were just people who weren’t issued a humane measure of empathy at birth. I thought that deficiency was the root of anti-social behaviors like fighting socially progressive programs unless directly affected or insisting other people’s children fight wars.

Just goes to show how wrong one can be.

While the whole no empathy thing is important, perhaps just as weighty is the win at any cost aspect of the neo-con psyche. Personal beliefs, ethics, national loyalties, whatever, it just doesn’t matter as much as winning. Hell, actual provable “in your face” facts are not important – winning is.

Had they lost the election, the neo-cons would be screaming about Russian tampering like adolescents in the throes of a hormone driven tantrum. And the Dems would have listened respectfully and, likely, granted concessions until “everyone thought it was fair”.

We need to stop doing that. Feeling their pain when their pain is based upon malice is not noble.

When they claim to feel marginalized because their Nazi point of view is not included in our national dialog, a totally appropriate response is, “Fuck off Nazi!” When some religious zealot claims discrimination because the law forbids him to discriminate, the very reasonable response is, “You have one really fucked up religion!”

When over three-quarters of the neo-cons claim Putin’s okay because he sided with their man – it’s important to recognize the number of traitors living among us. Justifiably angry – perhaps, left behind – sure, victims of the system – sometimes, but traitors nonetheless.

Tomorrow the Electoral College votes. I, for one, expect disappointment. In the end they will ignore conscience and vote for the fascist. Nevertheless, I’m sure the Donald will tweet something critical. I would feel sorry for the electors, but can’t seem to find the empathy.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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