Trump Times Entry 35 – Comrade Donald

Comrade Donald

December 13, 2016trump-putin-1

Who would have thought on election day, a mere thirty-five days ago, the Electoral College would actually have a substantive part to play? Usually, it just rubber-stamps the states’ delegate counts, tallies things up and then tell us what we already knew. This year that constitutional detail promises to be a little more entertaining.

First, they would like to hear more from the CIA about comrade Trump’s special relationship with Vladimir Putin. The Electoral College is kind of old-school and insists that Presidents limit their bromances to American citizens. They are especially inflexible about presidential intimacy with foreign dictators. This inflexible is codified in the constitution. So, they need a better description of the Trump- Putin relation than “It’s Complicated”.

The College would also like to hear about why the FBI had their hand in the elective cookie jar. While this inquiry does not involve a foreign despot (rather a domestic despot) and has less constitution weight, it does seem a question worth asking.

Who would have guessed the republic would be standing on an “outdated” constitutional construct? Perhaps, the founders were smarter than we give them credit for; I sure hope so.

The Donald, of course, is having a Twitter fit. Beyond the usual broad-stroke attacks on the press, the CIA and the Clintons, he has thrown up a cyber-smokescreen of vicious attacks on whatever comes to mind. He’s attacking defense contractors, union heads and private citizen – we can expect him to continue the random bombardment, hoping something sticks.

Very much like dealing with a pre-adolescent throwing a tantrum, we need to learn to ignore him – while keeping a watchful eye. Don’t let him control the conversation; instead keep focused on how to rid our culture of the parasite. When he yells out, “They might be human, we just don’t know!” about any population group, we need to take note, then move back to working on dumping him.

“Dump Trump!” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Let’s focus on that.

Besides, if we spend our time listening to one another rather than listening to the Donald, just think how much healthier we’ll become.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

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